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Problems with Links2 and Shoutcast

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Joined: 28 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2006 6:41 am    Post subject: Problems with Links2 and Shoutcast Reply with quote

OK basic information.
Firmware: 1.50
PSPRadio Version: 0.38.92 (latest)
WLan powersave: Off
Static IP: Yes
Newest version of shoutcastdb: Yes
Router: D-Link DSL-604+
Security: MAC address filtering, no WEP

This isn't a new problem but I have never been able to listen to any streams from the shoutcast menu, only from playlists on the memory stick. Also I cannot browse the internet with Links2 browser but I can browse pages on the local network. Also I cannot get AFKIM to work either, another wireless app, I suspect they all stem from a common problem.
I can however browse the internet if I launch the 2.5 firmware on my 1.5 PSP.

The same problem occurs if i set up a dynamic connection instead of static. From reading these forums it seems something maybe wrong with my DNS but I have no idea what that is. I have 2 sets of full logs where the problem occurs.

Here's the report when I try get the latest shoutcastdb from inside PSPRadio, the tetx at the bottom never goes away and it just says 'retrieving shoutcastdb'
10:26:22.898:ScreenHandler/OptionsScreen.cpp@509<100>: Log Level Changed to (10)
10:26:25.667:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000010.
10:26:25.682:PSPRadio.cpp@488<10>: On button pressed received. data = 0x40
10:26:25.817:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000013.
10:26:25.833:PSPRadio.cpp@492<10>: On button released received. data = 0x40
10:26:29.721:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000010.
10:26:29.737:PSPRadio.cpp@488<10>: On button pressed received. data = 0x40
10:26:29.871:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000013.
10:26:29.887:PSPRadio.cpp@492<10>: On button released received. data = 0x40
10:26:30.322:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000010.
10:26:30.337:PSPRadio.cpp@488<10>: On button pressed received. data = 0x40
10:26:30.489:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000013.
10:26:30.504:PSPRadio.cpp@492<10>: On button released received. data = 0x40
10:26:32.107:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000010.
10:26:32.254:PSPRadio.cpp@488<10>: On button pressed received. data = 0x2000
10:26:32.270:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000013.
10:26:32.287:PSPRadio.cpp@492<10>: On button released received. data = 0x2000
10:26:32.307:PSPSound.cpp@220<20>: Stop(): Called. m_CurrentState=STOP
10:26:32.325:PSPSound.cpp@231<20>: Stop: Sending message and waiting for OK
10:26:32.343:PSPEventQ.cpp@118<10>: SendAndWaitForOK() Blocking(0x4825b3b)
10:26:32.358:PSPSound.cpp@328<10>: ThDecode::Receive Ret=0. event=0x00000020.
10:26:32.373:PSPSound.cpp@463<10>: ThDecode:: Stop Decoder message received.
10:26:32.388:PSPEventQ.cpp@154<10>: SendReceiveOK() Unblocking(0x4825b3b)
10:26:32.404:PSPEventQ.cpp@120<10>: SendAndWaitForOK() Unblocked(0x4825b3b)
10:26:32.419:PSPSound.cpp@326<10>: ThDecode::Calling Receive
10:26:32.434:PSPSound.cpp@233<20>: Stop: OK received
10:26:32.451:PSPStream.cpp@75<20>: CPSPStream::SetURI( <URL> called
10:26:32.467:PSPStream.cpp@208<10>: Open() Start
10:26:32.482:PSPStream.cpp@222<10>: Open() URL
10:26:32.498:httpget.cpp@279<20>: http_open( called.
10:26:32.513:httpget.cpp@400<20>: url2hostport returns: host='' ip='0x0' port='80' sptr='/sbin/xmllister.phtml?service=pspradio'
10:26:32.529:httpget.cpp@450<20>: Resolving host=''
10:26:32.545:PSPApp_Network.cpp@45<20>: ResolveHostname: Calling aton.. (host='')
10:26:32.561:PSPApp_Network.cpp@52<20>: ResolveHostname: Calling sceNetResolverStartNtoA() with resolverid = 1

Here's an error report when I try play something from a shoutcast menu, again I get no error, it just gets stuck:

10:44:27.338:ScreenHandler/OptionsScreen.cpp@509<100>: Log Level Changed to (10)
10:44:29.274:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000010.
10:44:29.289:PSPRadio.cpp@488<10>: On button pressed received. data = 0x8
10:44:29.440:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000013.
10:44:29.456:PSPRadio.cpp@492<10>: On button released received. data = 0x8
10:44:29.471:ScreenHandler/PlayListScreen.cpp@77<10>: Activate(): Start
10:44:29.486:TextUI.cpp@276<20>: Initialize screen start
10:44:29.513:TextUI.cpp@140<20>: LoadConfigSettings() start
10:44:29.529:TextUI.cpp@151<20>: LoadConfigSettings(): Using 'ms0:/PSP/GAME/__SCE__PSPRadio/UI_Text/SHOUTcastScreen.cfg' config file
10:44:29.595:TextUI.cpp@155<10>: After instantiating the iniparser
10:44:29.624:TextUI.cpp@271<20>: LoadConfigSettings() end
10:44:29.639:TextUI.cpp@280<20>: After LoadConfigSettings
10:44:29.655:TextUI.cpp@304<20>: Calling SetBackgroundImage 'ms0:/PSP/GAME/__SCE__PSPRadio/UI_Text/SHOUTcastScreen.png'
10:44:30.031:TextUI.cpp@308<20>: Calling m_Screen->Clear
10:44:30.219:TextUI.cpp@311<20>: Cleared
10:44:30.237:TextUI.cpp@319<20>: Inialize screen end
10:44:30.253:ScreenHandler/PlayListScreen.cpp@85<10>: Activate(): Calling DisplayContainers
10:44:30.276:ScreenHandler/PlayListScreen.cpp@92<10>: Activate(): Calling DisplayElements
10:44:31.242:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000010.
10:44:31.259:PSPRadio.cpp@488<10>: On button pressed received. data = 0x4000
10:44:31.426:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000013.
10:44:31.441:PSPRadio.cpp@492<10>: On button released received. data = 0x4000
10:44:31.456:ScreenHandler/PlayListScreen.cpp@113<10>: OnButtonReleased(): iButtonMask=0x4000
10:44:32.861:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000010.
10:44:32.876:PSPRadio.cpp@488<10>: On button pressed received. data = 0x4000
10:44:33.027:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000013.
10:44:33.044:PSPRadio.cpp@492<10>: On button released received. data = 0x4000
10:44:33.059:ScreenHandler/PlayListScreen.cpp@113<10>: OnButtonReleased(): iButtonMask=0x4000
10:44:33.108:PSPStream.cpp@75<20>: CPSPStream::SetURI(;filename=playlist.pls) <URL> called
10:44:33.123:ScreenHandler/PlayListScreen.cpp@563<20>: Calling Play. URI set to ';filename=playlist.pls'
10:44:33.139:PSPSound.cpp@152<20>: Play(';filename=playlist.pls'): m_CurrentState=STOP
10:44:33.156:PSPSound.cpp@328<10>: ThDecode::Receive Ret=0. event=0x00000010.
10:44:33.171:PSPSound.cpp@332<10>: ThDecode:: Start Decoder message received.
10:44:33.187:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x00000060.
10:44:33.204:PSPSound.cpp@343<50>: ThDecode:: Calling Open For ';filename=playlist.pls'
10:44:33.221:PSPStream.cpp@208<10>: Open() Start
10:44:33.238:PSPStream.cpp@222<10>: Open() URL
10:44:33.254:httpget.cpp@279<20>: http_open(;filename=playlist.pls) called.
10:44:33.270:httpget.cpp@400<20>: url2hostport returns: host='' ip='0x0' port='80' sptr='/sbin/tunein-station.pls?id=2040&amp;filename=playlist.pls'
10:44:33.286:httpget.cpp@450<20>: Resolving host=''
10:44:33.303:PSPApp_Network.cpp@45<20>: ResolveHostname: Calling aton.. (host='')
10:44:33.320:PSPApp_Network.cpp@52<20>: ResolveHostname: Calling sceNetResolverStartNtoA() with resolverid = 1
10:44:54.883:PSPRadio.cpp@322<10>: *ProcessMessages()*::Receive Ret=0. eventid=0x01000010.
10:44:54.898:PSPRadio.cpp@488<10>: On button pressed received. data = 0x10000

All those error reports were generated with static IPs

I have read around the forum and it seems that some people are obtaining better results if they upgrade their router firmware, however my router is not on D-Links product page and I can't find any firmware for it. Other than that my router works perfectly fine so I would prefer not to replace it.

Thankyou in advance.
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Joined: 17 Nov 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 5:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Maybe this site can help you, most of the content is in english
1.52 PSP 1004
Sucsessfull downgrade to 1.50 =D
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